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Programs and Offerings

The Center's programmatic offerings are open to all genders and designed to provide students, alumni, and partners with access, opportunities, and education that will empower them with the confidence and skills to advance women in business.

As the Center continues to grow, we invite and encourage our corporate partners and alumni to connect with us to develop and enhance these initiatives.

CWIB’s Research Mission is to develop actionable insight into the problem of the underrepresentation of women in business. CWIB facilitates the collaboration and exchange of research ideas between industry and academia through seminars, conferences, workshops, and joint research projects as we work to achieve gender parity in the workplace. CWIB pioneers research at the intersection of leadership and women’s advocacy with you in mind; it is our goal to provide accessible information and guidance into women’s business leadership initiatives in order to promote awareness and drive change in the workplace.


At the forefront of the Center’s research program is an exploration of the benefits of and hurdles associated with cross-gendered (i.e., male-female) allyship in the workplace. Our research team also examines the unique experience of women in mid-career when barriers to advancement arise most strongly. These barriers include self-imposed biases in perceptions, implicit bias within an organization, and the social norms within organizations that preclude optimal well-being. The Center’s research contributes to reimagining the future of work to create a more seamless work-life balance.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center initiated research about the division of unpaid labor, concluding that women are more productive and satisfied at work when their partner contributes more to unpaid labor in the household. We are leveraging our findings to continue to identify and develop interventions for companies and individuals to address these unique hurdles to create a better future for workplaces across the country.

We host monthly virtual events spotlighting inspirational women and discussing topics ranging from building resilience to developing action plans companies and organizations can take to retain women and ensure equal opportunity for all. Last year, participants in our “Positioning Yourself for Performance Reviews and Promotions” event indicated they were 76% more likely to ask for a raise after our session.

Check out our Monthly Events for our upcoming and previously recorded events.

CWIB launched our quarterly ERG Leadership Roundtables in January 2021. The Roundtables bring together a network of leading ERG experts to exchange best practices on how to engage corporations to support, retain and advance women at their companies.

CWIB launched our Undergraduate Ambassador Program in February 2021. The program’s mission is to engage undergraduate students to Advocate, Engage and Advance women in business initiatives. Our undergraduate ambassadors will learn and refine their professional communication, marketing, and fundraising skills as they complete a rotational program with CWIB throughout the semester. Be sure to check back in August for our Fall Semester application!

CWIB hosts peer mentoring cohorts to facilitate gender-based leadership discussions and to hold members accountable for personal goal-setting.


G.R.O.W is a virtual small group mentoring experience facilitated by the Rutgers Center for Women in Business. It focuses on supporting mid-career women as they advance through their careers. Each mentoring group is comprised of 8 mentees from diverse backgrounds and industries and is facilitated by two senior executives/coaches. Mentoring groups meet virtually one (1) day every month/each semester for a total of 4 sessions.

Women G.R.O.W.S.

G.R.O.W.S (Guiding and Retaining Outstanding Women Students) is a virtual group mentoring experience in which Women G.R.O.W. mentees become the mentors for the Women G.R.O.W.S student program, supporting undergraduates as they navigate student leadership challenges and the beginning of their careers


Our Generating Allyship in Male Executives (G.A.M.E.™) group mentorship program launched in Fall 2022. The G.A.M.E.™ program gives male executives the opportunity to explore and engage in Actionable Male Allyship, with a focus on enhancing the impact they can make in and outside of the workplace.

CWIB awards selected students with up to $5,000 in scholarship money to fund expenses while pursuing a degree at RBS. These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to developing their own leadership potential as a woman leader and/or advancing other women in business. By providing scholarships to students, we are removing a financial barrier to access education, as well as provide financial support for deserving students to attend educational events that support their learning and growth.

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CWIB hosts a one-day case competition where students work in mixed-gender teams to solve a specific issue related to women in business.  


DEI Certificate Program

Bring our mini-certificate program: DEI in the Workplace course, to your company. The Rutgers Center for Women in Business has partnered with the Rutgers Center for Women & Work to create an interactive 4-course program. These sessions will integrate DEI into your company by increasing awareness of institutional disparities, implementing strategies at the individual and organizational levels, and cultivating leadership for institutional change.

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CWIB is proud to partner with the Institute for Women's Leadership (IWL) and other women's organizations to advocate for increased representation of women in traditionally male-dominated fields, closing the gender wage gap, and bring any concerns of RBS women (faculty, staff, alumnae, and students) to the attention of the RBS Dean.