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Flexible Work is Key for Gender Equity

Check out the new article "Flexible Work is Key for Gender Equity: Insights from CWIB's Inaugural Conference" by Colleen Tolan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, and Lisa Kaplowitz, Executive Director, from our center.


Read the article below to learn how flexible work is vital to the advancement of women in the workforce.

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3 Ways Men Can Advance Gender Equity at Work

Check out our most recent research on the importance of male engagement in reaching gender equity by Lisa Kaplowitz and Colleen Tolan published in Havard Business Review. The data shows most men want gender equity, but barriers are holding them back from joining in on the fight. Recognizing these obstacles is the first step toward initiating impactful change and empowering men to participate in gender equity initiatives.

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Formidable Over Forty - Redefining gender equity with Lisa Kaplowitz

On this episode of the Formidable Over Forty podcast, Lisa shares her learnings in gender equity, explaining how we need to reframe our approach and unlearn societal norms, moving from policy, to practice, to culture. Lisa also gives valuable insight into finding your passion at the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at, and feeling empowered to pivot when you need a change of direction, learning lessons rather than staying stuck.

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Research: Caregiver Employees Bring Unique Value to Companies

There is no lack of data and information about why organizations should offer caregiver-friendly employee policies and benefits. For example, the U.S. lacks the infrastructure to support caregivers, and in fact is the only industrial nation without federal paid parental leave, and many people live in childcare deserts. The authors conducted original research to collect stories from caregiver employees and found that they bring unique skillsets that positively impact culture, retention, and ultimately the bottom line.

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The Five Ways Women Lose Themselves Trying To Fit Into Workplaces

On today’s podcast, Lisa S. Kaplowitz Executive Director – Rutgers Center for Women in Business will be joining us to discuss the harmful ways women have to change themselves to fit the ideal worker image, and organizations that devalue anyone who differs from it. In an article for Harvard Business Review entitled, 5 Harmful Ways Women Feel They Must Adapt in Corporate America Lisa and two co-authors share findings from their research, Lisa outlines what these adaptations are and why they are ultimately harmful.

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Title IX and Director of Toilets

This podcast will cover the beginning of Lisa’s advocacy as a scholar-athlete at Brown University, when she was part of a landmark Title IX case that added more varsity athletic opportunities for women and how she continues to champion gender equity at work and in the home, alongside her husband and teenage sons, as references in her latest TEDx, “Advancing Women in the Workplace, One Son at a Time.”

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5 Harmful Ways Women Feel They Must Adapt in Corporate America

Our Executive Director, Lisa Kaplowitz, has partnered with Deepa Purushothaman and Lisen Stromberg for a Harvard Business Review article that covers “5 Harmful Ways Women Feel They Must Adapt in Corporate America.” In this article, it is shown that many women adopt maladaptation to endure the current state of corporate America, leading to immense pressure to be perfect, taking on disproportionate workloads, and declining mental and physical health.

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Viewpoint: Women Should Discuss Professional Development with Female Friends

Check out this new article from our Research director, Kyra Leigh Sutton, Ph.D., sharing her findings that women benefit from discussing professional development with their female friends. From giving recommendations to discussing how to overcome barriers, receiving support from women who are in a similar stage of life can reduce imposter syndrome and encourage self-advocacy.

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Viewpoint: Which Metrics Can Organizations Use to Monitor the Progress of Women in Virtual Work Arrangements?

Our Research director, Kyra Leigh Sutton, Ph.D., discusses her findings when assessing the effects of virtual work on women’s career advancement. In addition, Dr. Sutton emphasizes the importance of dashboard metrics for companies to make mindful decisions when supporting women who work virtually.

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Why Women’s Equality Day doesn’t feel that way to women in workplace

What we really need for Women's Equality Day...

“We need to create a workplace that implements policies that support all employees — both women and men — on (items) such as family leave, child care, flexible work environment, etc.,” she said. “Then, these policies need to be practiced. And then, that practice needs to become culture.”

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How ERGs Can Support Women Working in Hybrid Environments

As workplaces move toward permanent hybrid environments, women can experience additional barriers that hinder career advancement. Our Research Director, Kyra Leigh Sutton, Ph.D. and Executive Director, Lisa Kaplowitz, discuss how ERGs can help can mitigate this and support remote and hybrid workers.

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The Challenges of Attending Conferences for Black Academics

Our Research director, Kyra Leigh Sutton, Ph.D., discusses the struggles people of color often face and go unnoticed. The Rutgers Center for Women in Business challenges you to be an ally both outside and inside of the workplace.

Lisa Kaplowitz - Ted Talk

Advancing Women by Redistributing the Housework, One Son at a Time

Gender equity can, and should, be championed both in the workforce and at home. Lisa Kaplowitz talked about her professional endeavors as impacted by gender equity, and her experimentation with the distribution of housework amongst her two teenage boys as a microcosm of what should, and can, be done in the workforce.

Kristina Durante

Business Insights: From Research to Practice

Kristina Durante - Interview

Professor Durante discusses outdated gender norms and workplace advancement for women.

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Fathers Are Feeling The Weight Of Household Labor One Year Into The Pandemic: Why This May Be Blessing For The Future Of Women And Work

Kristina Durante, Lisa Kaplowitz, Yuqian Chang, and Alexis Rittweger

Bloomberg QuickTake: Lisa Kaplowitz on Working Women Post-pandemic

Working Women Post-pandemic

In this Bloomberg Quicktake, Rutgers Center for Women in Business Director Lisa Kaplowitz talks about the challenges working women faced, especially during the pandemic. She also offered advice and personal anecdotes on things that worked for her family.

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Gender Inequality in Business

Nancy DiTomaso - Interview

Professor DiTomaso discusses gender inequality in the workforce and the pathways toward gender equity. Her research addresses issues of diversity, culture, and inequality, as well as the management of knowledge-based organizations, and the management of scientists and engineers.

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How Men Benefit From Close Relationships With Women At Work

Too often, narratives about men’s engagement in gender diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives focus nearly exclusively on the benefits for women. For instance, efforts to compel male participation in gender DEI programs often focus on the business case (why advancing women is good for the company’s bottom line), the moral case (connecting inclusion with his sense of fairness and justice), the personal case (do it for your sister, daughter, or partner), and, of course, the well-documented benefits — professionally and personally — for the women who work with men.

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Working Women and the Curse of the Ancient Trade-off

Socially imposed norms place value on marriage and family for women. Why? Social norms rarely arise randomly. A deeper reason resides within the realm of biology. Biological and environmental selection pressures over time become catalysts that evoke social values.

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The true impact of COVID-19 on women in the workplace

By almost every measure women are being disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic – how can CEOs protect gender progress in the workplace from sliding backwards?

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The Highs And Lows Of The COVID-19 Pandemic For Working Parents, And The Implications For The Future Of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed both the corporate workplace and our home life overnight. For employees with the luxury of telecommuting, the initial phase of the pandemic had highs and lows. Working from home and the absence of a long commute provided the opportunity to be more productive than before.

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The Pandemic's Impact on Working Parents and the Implications for the Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed both the corporate workplace and our home life overnight. For employees with the luxury of telecommuting, the initial phase of the pandemic had highs and lows. Working from home and the absence of a long commute provided the opportunity to be more productive than before.

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Women, Let’s Create Our Own Wealth

When superstar Cher’s mom asked her why she hadn’t settled down and married a rich man, her reply was, “Mom, I am a rich man.” I thought about this quote last week when my own mom showed me an advice column from the Sunday paper with the headline, “I can’t stop chasing ‘impressive’ men.”

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Why We Sometimes Wish Susan Would Fail, And What We Can Do About It

Susan often succeeds in life. She and I have been friends for fifteen years. We are the same age and have the same job — we are both professors at the same level (though at different universities) who study human behavior.

Media Mentions

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Why Nobel Prize in economics could have big impact on wage gap for women

As a professor who teaches finance and economics and a former investment banker and chief financial officer at some of the top firms in the world, you can be sure that Lisa Kaplowitz cheered the announcement that Claudia Goldin was the third woman to earn the Nobel Prize in economics — the first to do so as a solo winner.

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Center for Women in Business adds three executives to its board

Three new executives joining the board of advisors for the Rutgers Center for Women in Business deepen the knowledge and experience in corporate talent and leadership development influencing the center’s work and activities.

NJ/NY Gotham FC forward Ifeoma Onumonu, center left, and Angel City FC defender Vanessa Gilles battle for the ball during the second half of a 2022 NWSL soccer match in Los Angeles.

First came Angel City FC. Now, meet Monarch Collective, a new way to invest in women’s sports

Los Angeles venture capitalist Kara Nortman spent eight years researching what she saw as a massive missed opportunity — investing in women’s sports.

Dr. Suffiyah Webb, a pediatric dentist in Newark. - Brilliant Smiles

Community champions: We salute 10 women who are going above and beyond — and ask: Why aren’t they on your board?

Recognition comes in a lot of ways — and in a lot of places. Sometimes, it’s when you’re simply shopping in your community.

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Center for Women in Business adds three board members

The Rutgers Center for Women in Business recently expanded its board of advisors with three experienced executives who have each helped to improve company culture and foster workplace inclusion across Corporate America.

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Millennial Women See Return to Trading Desks as Key for Careers

The career aspirations of a generation of women in finance may hinge on getting back into the office or onto the trading floor.

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Some working mothers have been more productive during the pandemic. It's because their partners started pitching in at home

Women's careers have suffered during the pandemic.

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SHE CAN! [Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021]

In honor of Disability Employment Employment Month, we sat down with individuals from ADP, JPMorgan & Chase, Prudential Financial, Fidelity, and Sanofi to hear their stories. It's important to recognize that disabilities can be visible and invisible, and to listen.

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Undergraduate women of Rutgers University share their influential women who inspired them to pursue their field of study/career.

It's super important to see women that look like us in leadership positions to show us that we can do it - we can enter into firms and industries because they've done so, too.

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Advancing Women in Business

What I would tell my younger self to take control of my career

Rutgers Center for Women in Business sat down with 12 women to ask them: "What advice would you give your younger self?"

Ranging from companies like Facebook to Goldman Sachs, these RU alum found business success on their own terms while navigating gender biases, balancing responsibilities, and reaching out to others to network.