Building Your Network to Support Career Advancement

April 2024

Want to know how to maximize your network? Watch our informative session on "Building Your Network to Support Career Advancement" with Heather Gould and Jackie Stallings Evans MBA, PCC, esteemed mentors from our G.R.O.W. mentoring program, where they provide valuable insights on how to strategically cultivate your professional network. Whether you’re aiming for career growth, seeking new opportunities, or simply looking to enhance your connections, this webinar is for you.

Strategic Job Searching: Leveraging Recruiting to Land your Ideal Job

January 2024

Check out our latest webinar recap with Deepali Vyas (Korn Ferry), Nicole Reboe (Rich Talent Group), and Gina Riley (Talence Group, LLC) to learn how recruiters help you navigate an effective job search. Our panelists discussed what recruiters actually do and how they can help you land your dream job.

The Power of Saying No: A Fireside Chat with Vanessa Patrick, the Author 

November 2023

Re-watch our fireside chat with Vanessa Patrick, author of “The Power of Saying No.” Vanessa discusses the ground-breaking concept of “empowered refusal" - a proven framework for saying no that puts you in charge of your life-and reveals some surprising secrets about the power of the word no. This is the perfect time to set your own boundaries personally for the holidays and professionally for review season.

Fireside Chat with Deepa Purushothaman - Author of "The First, the Few, the Only"

September 2023

Watch our Fireside Chat with Deepa Purushothaman, author of "The First, the Few, the Only." In this webinar, Deepa discussed how women of color are not monoliths and how different lived experiences affect the path to success for women in the workplace.

Return to Work: Returnships, Re-entry and How it All Works

May 2023

Watch our "Return to Work" panel with panelists, Carol Fishman Cohen - CEO at iRelaunch, Brett Hemmerling - VP-Talent Attraction at Moody's Corporation, Abigail Kelly Myers - DEI Specialist at Audible, and Sarah Klopfer - Global Program Leader at Re-ignite (Johnson & Johnson), who are leading the charge for returnships at their companies. This webinar provided a space for industry experts to share best practices for returnship programs and how individuals can plan their own return to work.

How to Thrive During a Career Transition (Planned or Unplanned)

January 2023

Are you changing jobs? Were you recently laid off? Are you thinking of leaving your company? If so, this webinar is for you!

Watch this session with Robin Merle, CFRE, award-winning author with 35+ years of experience as she presents "How to Thrive During a Career Transition (Planned or Unplanned)." The session will help you mentally prepare to move on and provide guidance for remaining resilient in the face of career challenges and uncertainty.

How Inflation Affects Me and My Financial Future with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

November 2022

You’ve likely heard a lot about inflation on the news and noticed the rising prices of food, gas and services. Watch this webinar to hear from a J.P. Morgan expert about what exactly inflation is, how it might affect you, and how you can utilize this knowledge to prepare for your financial future.

Speaker: Stephanie Roth - Senior Markets Economist at J.P. Morgan Chase

Build Your Brand: The Power of a Strong Online Presence

October 2022

Watch our webinar with Anouk Pappers, Brand Anthropologist, to learn how your online presence plays a significant role in the way you are viewed by the rest of the world. After watching this recap, you will know how to use your online presence to help you achieve your next professional goal!

Navigating a Multi-Generational Workforce

September 29, 2022

Four different generations with four different workstyles are trying to figure out how to work together successfully. Multiple generations in the workforce can present challenges but it is important for companies to recognize how these nuances can serve as strengths for collaboration. Tune into our webinar, happening Thursday, “Navigating a Multi-Generational Workforce” to hear Patti Ippoliti, PhD (Boomer), Nora Shearer (Gen X), Meghan Siripurapu, CFA (Millennial) and Mari-Elle Sudarkasa (Gen Z) discuss how they react to workplace challenges via their generational lens.

Ensuring Reproductive Health - What are Companies Doing?

July 12, 2022

Panelists Nadia Khamis, Director of Corporate Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Yana Rodgers, Faculty Director at Rutgers University - Center for Women and Work, joined moderator Lisa Kaplowitz, Executive Director of CWIB, to discuss what companies are doing, why they are making reproductive health a priority and the economic impact of losing access to reproductive health.

Path to the Boardroom: How to Prepare for Your First Board Role with Bolster

May 18, 2022

Matt Blumberg, Founder and CEO of Bolster, joined us for an interactive webinar on how company boards of directors operate, and what steps you can take now to start preparing yourself for a board role.

The First Job and Beyond: Stepping Stones to Financial Wellness with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

April 25, 2022

Session 2: How to Succeed in Your First Job

Rabia Baig, VP of Campus Recruiting, discusses how to make your workplace work for you and provides information on JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Student Talent Network!

The First Job and Beyond: Stepping Stones to Financial Wellness with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

April 11, 2022

Session 1: Understanding the Job Offer and Maximizing Company Benefits

Shaneqa Harper, Sr. Associate, Recruiting - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase @ Co. and Stephanie Wheeler, Associate, Global Employee Support - Health & Wellness at JPMorgan Chase & Co. provide expert advice on understanding the job offer and maximizing company benfits. Moderation provided by CWIB board member, Robin Doyle.

Maximize LinkedIn to Maximize You

February 4, 2022

Listen to our fireside chat with Alexis King, CPTD, Manager - East, Central & Canadian Customer Success Team at LinkedIn and Lisa Kaplowitz to hear tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn and what it is like to work there as well.

Invest in your Future: Setting Financial Goals with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

December 6, 2021

Kavita Kamda, General Manager of Community and Business Development with J.P. Morgan Securities, provides expert advice regarding Setting Financial Goals. Moderation provided by CWIB Board Member, Robin Doyle

Championing Her: How To Be A Highly Effective Male Ally

December 2, 2021

Hear our panelists share their experiences with male allyship. They discuss how you can be a champion for women, the specific steps to take, and why gender equality benefits women, men, and business.

Feedback is a Gift with Sanofi

November 19, 2021

Listen to our panelists deep dive into the importance of giving and receiving feedback in the workplace. The views and opinions expressed by the panelists are their own and should not be attributed to their employer.

Invest in your Future: Salary Negotiations with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

November 1, 2021

Nirjhar Omam, Women on the Move Career and Skills Lead from J.P. Morgan Securities, provides expert advice regarding Salary Negotiations. Moderation provided by CWIB board member, Robin Doyle.

Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management

October 20, 2021

What started as an independent study for four Rutgers students majoring in Finance turned into an impactful collaboration between industry and academia, culminating in a published chapter on the state of the undergraduate career pipeline for buy-side financial services. Authors Ellen Carr and Katrina Dudley, and contributing authors and RBS Alumni discuss the underlying barriers women face in investment management and how we can create an inclusive environment to introduce more women into this field.

Celebrando Mujeres Latinas

October 15, 2021

Maria Montaño, President/CEO of Gerber Childrenswear and Founding CWIB Board Member, dives into her impressive career. From a Latinx first-generation college student to an executive in a c-suite position, Maria shares how her personal background and experiences have shaped her work ethic and leadership style.

Power Moms

September 2021

Meet the Author: Joann Lublin is a retired Wall Street Journal editor and author of the 2021 book titled Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Navigate Work and Life. In the book, Joann compares and contrasts two generations of women, Boomers and GenXers, to note how they navigate motherhood and their careers. The Center for Women in Business welcomes Joann to highlight her personal experience and findings from the women surveyed within the book. Join us to discuss the various trade-offs with managing motherhood in the workplace and what we can do to improve the workplace for the next generation of Power Moms.

The Art of Slowing Down

May 2021

While we all strive to maintain work-life balance, work and life often overlap and it seems like there is no time to tend to our mental well-being. Learn how to be more present and process your thoughts to create a healthy state of mind. The Art of Slowing Down combines a discussion and brief guided meditation with Christine Dates, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Robin Doyle, CWIB Board Member and Managing Director of Regulatory Affairs at JP Morgan Chase, who will share how using yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation can help in coping with stress and developing mental clarity.

Know Your Worth

April 2021

Ayana Parsons, Senior Partner in Korn Ferry’s Executive Search & Leadership Advisory Practices, and Lisa Kaplowitz, Executive Director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business discuss how you can assess where you are in your career as well as strategies you can use to have productive conversations about your contributions and your compensation with colleagues, managers, and senior leaders.

Shining a Spotlight on Black Women in Business Part Two

March 2021

In part 2 of this series, the women discuss the challenges they have faced as women of color, as well as how they have overcome those challenges. We also talk about what we all can do as managers, colleagues and friends to support the Black women in our lives and remove the barriers that still exist.

Shining a Spotlight on Black Women in Business

February 2021

While there has been tremendous progress made in the last several decades towards equality across various business disciplines, Black women continue to face steep racial and gendered barriers to success. Studies have shown Black women seek promotions and opportunities for advancement at the same rate as their white male colleagues yet are only 58% as likely to be promoted into a managerial position, and only 64% as likely to be hired into such position.

The Election, the Economy, and the Harris Effect on Women in Business

December 2020

While 2020 was a year like no other, we look towards 2021 with hope. The election is over, a vaccine looks promising and for the first time in US history, a woman is about to be inaugurated as Vice President. However, there is still progress to be made. Join us for a fireside chat with Goldman Sachs Managing Director Candice Tse and Executive Director of the RBS Center for Women in Business Lisa Kaplowitz as we discuss how the implications of the future political and economic environments can create financial progress and increase personal wealth for women. Do not miss the opportunity to change the narrative for women moving forward.

A Journey through Space, Business, and Beyond - Leading with Passion and Purpose

November 2020

The Rutgers Business School Signature Leadership Series presents a virtual discussion with Anousheh Ansari, first female private astronaut, CEO of XPrize Foundation, and executive chairwoman and co-founder of Prodea Systems. The discussion is moderated by Lisa Kaplowitz, director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business. Learn about Ansari’s journey to space, her experience starting her own businesses, and her passion for private enterprises working with governments to lead space exploration.

Positioning Yourself For Performance Reviews & Promotions Virtually

October 2020

Performance Review Season will soon be upon us: a time for critique, annual reviews, bonuses, and promotions. While this season is tough and trying for all, it is especially difficult for women and people of color due to bias and judgment errors. With COVID-19 making everything virtual, these biases can further be exasperated. The Office of Career Management, The Center for Women in Business, and our expert panel Katie Stratton (Facebook), Francine Parham (Francine Parham & Co.), and Melinda Lawson (RBS) speak about how to remain confident and collected during review season, and make sure that your worth is communicated effectively.

Staying in the Game: How Companies Can Support Women & Parents During Covid-19 & the Childcare Crisis

September 2020

Summer is over and most children are not physically back in school. Working families (especially mothers) are struggling to manage it all – work, childcare, housework, COVID-19, racial injustice and overall life in 2020. While the daily struggle is real, we believe, based on research we conducted in May 2020, that the US will emerge from the global health pandemic with less distinct gender norms and increased workplace flexibility, which combined will neutralize the stigma of the mommy track and increase the retention and promotion of women in business.

5 More Reasons Cash is "Queen"

August 2020


Cash is QUEEN! And there are times when it matters more than profits. Lisa Kaplowitz, assistant professor in the finance and economics dept at the Rutgers Business School, talks to us about the cash flow statement, working capital and the minimum cash you need to run your business.

Staying Resilient, Everyday

June 2020

One of the keys to success in life and business is learning to remain resilient despite the most challenging times. Professional women can find their resilience tested daily through demands from work, family, aging parents, and other sources. Global and national events such as those we have experienced in  2020 can further test one's resilience. Join this diverse panel in discussing how to stay resilient, no matter the circumstance.

Finding our Moral Courage to Ensure All Have Access to Equal Opportunities

June 2020

Please join us for an important and timely Fireside Chat with Carolynn Johnson, CEO of DiversityInc and Board Member of the RBS Center for Women in Business, and Lisa Kaplowitz, Assistant Professor and Director of the RBS Center for Women in Business. We discuss the impact and implications of systemic racial injustice in the 21st century. Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to ensure everyone has access to basic human rights, which will create more inclusive and productive workplaces. The time has come to break the silence and educate ourselves on how to be better allies.

Advancing Women in Business: An Interactive Townhall

May 2020

Please join the Rutgers Business School Center for Women in Business (CWIB) for an interactive town hall to discuss the impact of COVID-19, returning to work, diversity and inclusion, male allies and much more!

Advancing Women in Business: Driving Forward through Challenging Times

April 2020

The Rutgers Business School Center for Women in Business hosted a virtual event “Advancing Women in Business – Driving Forward through Challenging Times” on April 17, 2020. Professor Kristina Durante presented research showcasing how women can emerge as leaders during times of crisis management. There was also an insightful and fun fireside chat between Lisa Kaplowitz, Rutgers assistant professor of professional practice of finance & economics and founder of the Center for Women in Business, and Michele Meyer-Shipp, Rutgers alumna and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at KPMG.