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CWIB's Maggie Lake sat down with Facebook's HR Director Halim Wise to brainstorm how to turn allyship into action

Watch Video: Chris Ciulla, CEO of Comrise

CWIB's Maggie Lake sat down with Chris Ciulla, CEO of Comrise, to discuss female leadership and the "we" mentality at his company.

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CWIB’s Maggie Lake sat down with Joe Laranjeiro, partner at The Conscious Business Institute, to discuss how U.S companies can create a healthier and more communal workspace for employees

Watch Video: Zander Lurie, CEO of SurveyMonkey

To achieve racial equality, there needs to be sustained effort. "If we use our voice, our platform, our products, our money, I think we can have a real impact in ways we've never had before…. [we] treat this like it’s the most important thing we’re doing."

In our first "Champions of Change" video clip, RBS Center for Women in Business Board Member Maggie Lake spoke to SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie about doing more for the black and brown communities and how he is relentlessly using his voice, platform, products, time, and money to sustain positive change.